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Burghalie Fashion Competition

The Burghàlie Resort is an annual fashion competition presented by The Burghalie Academy of Visual Arts. Designers compete for a chance to win business funding up to $10,000, a branding shoot with a celebrity photographer, and a notable blog publication. Aspiring models compete for a chance to be featured on a billboard for the Atlanta Art Awards Fashion Show, a campaign shoot with Burghàlie, and much more.



Alani Taylor for Beyonce

Alani Taylor

Alani Taylor is a luxury designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. The designer has been covered by Forbes, Paper Magazine, and Harper's Bazaar. She has also went on to design for Beyoncé, Cardi B, and many more. 

NBA Young Boy in Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander

 ​Ian Alexander is a designer and multimedia artist based in New York City. The designer has went on to design for Swae Lee, NBA Youngboy, and many more. 


Miicon Genteel

How It Works for Designers

  1. Designers register through our online application and pay a non-refundable application fee. This will enter the designer into the competition. The total cost to participate varies depending on the city, however, this deposit can be applied to that remaining balance.

  2. Designers will then receive an invitation via email for a virtual consultation with the event director. During the virtual consultation, the event director will explain the competition in more detail and the judging process. This will help the designers better understand how to prepare their collection for the competition. 

  3. Designers must create 6 looks (TBR X ATL EDITION) or 10-12 looks for (TBR x NYFW EDITION) to present at the Burghàlie Resort Fashion Competition. Designers will be judged in 3 categories the day of the show: Mood Board, Quality of Design, and Runway Presentation. 

  4. Winner will be announced at the Burghàlie Resort following the runway presentation. 

Atlanta Art Awards Fashion Show

How It Works for Models

  1. PHASE 1: Models register through our online application and pay the application fee. Upon approval, models will receive an invitation for a virtual consultation. 

  2. PHASE 2: Models will attend the virtual consultation to learn more about the event. Within 72 hours of the virtual consultation, the models will receive an approval or denial letter from our team.

  3. PHASE 3: Approved models will then be required to complete 3 workshops. Each workshop consists of a "lesson and challenge" centered around a category that the model will be judged in (Editorial, Commercial, and Runway Modeling). Following each lesson, the models will be required to put their knowledge to the test with a challenge. Following each workshop, models will receive a score based on their understanding and execution of the lesson. These scores will be totaled to help determine our winners. 

  4. PHASE 4: Fashion Show Day. Winners will be announced following the runway presentation. 

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