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The Burghàlie Resort

The Burghàlie Resort, also known as "TBR",  is an annual fashion fundraiser competition presented by The Burghalie Academy of Visual Arts. Designers compete for a chance to win a cash prize, branding shoot with a celebrity photographer, and a notable blog publication. Aspiring models compete for a chance to be featured on a billboard for the Atlanta Art Awards Fashion Show, a campaign shoot with Burghàlie, and a magazine spread. The event takes place in Atlanta, GA and New York City every year.

The Atlanta Art Awards Fashion Show

The Atlanta Art Awards Fashion Show is the epitome of creative expression for up and coming designers. Designers have the opportunity to showcase their work while putting their creative twist on the theme of the year. The goal of this event is to celebrate innovative designs while providing a platform for designers to showcase their work to celebrity stylists, potential customers,  and other industry professionals.

Applications Closed
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