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10 Influential People of Tallahassee, Florida.

Caitlyn Davis (Entrepreneur)

There's no doubt that women have been dominating every industry in the 2019 year, and it is safe to say that Caitlyn is at the forefront of this revolution. A graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, Caitlyn is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in fashion and women accessories. Her custom HBCU apparel is the talk of the town, and students cannot keep their hands off of her items.

DJ Twan (Businessperson)

If you have ever attended an event in Tallahassee, more than likely Twan provided the sound. He is highly notable for his incredible mixing skills, however, his talents do not stop there. Twan is the Chief Executive Officer of Motivation Marketing Management, a company that provides brands exposure, event planning, and business consultations for up and coming entrepreneurs.

Cheyenne Grace Watts (Public Figure)

Cheyenne is a student at Florida State University, but school does not prevent her from accomplishing big things. Cheyenne is the Chief Executive Officer of a production company known as "CGW Productions," who's goal is to break generational curses, loosen chains, and demolish despair. She is constantly giving back to the community through community service projects and personal development workshops. At only 19 years old, Cheyenne is inspiring women of color to chase their dreams regardless of their age or background.

Cameron Canton (Entrepreneur)

Cameron Canton has the keys to financial freedom, you all just need the desire to open the door. Cameron is an entrepreneur and business mogul who is notable for his philanthropic work in the community. He is also responsible for introducing FOREX, a profitable currency exchange system, to the Tallahassee market.

Jeezus & Rich (Fashion Icon)

Fashion is centered around taking risks and stepping outside of the box. There is no doubt that when these two men walk into a room, their outfits speak for themselves. Jeezus & Rich play a major role in the culture of Tallahassee fashion. Their bold outfits and creative styles are often idolized and imitated, but never duplicated.

Jasmine Ali (Public Figure)

In 2018 Jasmine Ali ran for Leon County Commissioner of District 1. Although she did not succeed in obtaining the seat, she has accomplished a great deal before and after the campaign. Jasmine Ali is a voice for the African American community. She uses her platform and political connections to raise awareness and evoke change within the community of Tallahassee.

Jesula Jeannot (Public Figure)

Jesula, also known as JJ, is a businesswoman, public speaker, and entrepreneur for Haiti. She is a woman who stands firmly on women empowerment and is constantly hosting events to raise awareness of women in business. JJ often travels to different cities to tell her story in hopes to encourage others to see their full potential. She is also very active in the community and involved in multiple youth outreach projects.

Roger2fit (Fitness Coach)

We can all agree that your health is important, right? Roger is encouraging everyone to take their physical health more seriously. He offers fitness classes to help you reach your fitness goal. He is also constantly providing helpful information about your dieting choices and why we should all take physical fitness more seriously.

Delevoe (Businessperson)

A successful and prominent business person, Delevoe is leading by example showing that there are more ways to be successful than buying into the American Dream. Not only is he the Chief Executive Officer of both Delevoe's Lobby and PLD Jewelers, he is an international speaker who encourages everyone to chase their dreams regardless of the presented obstacles.

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