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Cinco Gets Candid in a Conversation with Burghàlie.

Cinco talks personal life, fashion, and more in an exclusive interview with Burghàlie. Check out his interview below.


1. Who the heck is Cameron? Who is ‘Cinco Hendrix’, how did he come about?

Cameron Cooper is young man with integrity, an extremely hard worker, and is actually anything he wants to be. Ever since I was younger I have always pushed myself to, no matter what I do, be the best and do the best I can do in whatever it is I decide to do. My work ethic has created me into the man I am today. As far as Cinco Hendrix, the name was a combination of two totally different concepts. Cinco (the number 5) was my football jersey number at the time and Hendrix is the name one of my favorite artists, Future has taken. He was inspired by the musician Jimi Hendrix who wasn’t afraid to be unique. Music has always been a huge part of my life but for different reasons, considering I’m actually not very musically talented.