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Cinco Gets Candid in a Conversation with Burghàlie.

Cinco talks personal life, fashion, and more in an exclusive interview with Burghàlie. Check out his interview below.


1. Who the heck is Cameron? Who is ‘Cinco Hendrix’, how did he come about?

Cameron Cooper is young man with integrity, an extremely hard worker, and is actually anything he wants to be. Ever since I was younger I have always pushed myself to, no matter what I do, be the best and do the best I can do in whatever it is I decide to do. My work ethic has created me into the man I am today. As far as Cinco Hendrix, the name was a combination of two totally different concepts. Cinco (the number 5) was my football jersey number at the time and Hendrix is the name one of my favorite artists, Future has taken. He was inspired by the musician Jimi Hendrix who wasn’t afraid to be unique. Music has always been a huge part of my life but for different reasons, considering I’m actually not very musically talented.

2. How long have you been modeling? What do you feel is your best feature?

A.) I’ve been modeling for about 4 years now. I think my best feature is my smile when it’s natural, obviously a close second is my hair as that’s what most people like about my look.

3. How did your modeling partnership with Burghàlie begin?

A.) My partnership with Burghàlie began over instagram. I think they just DM’d me one day wanting to work with me and we’ve kept it going ever since

4. Why did you choose to work with them, and why do you continue to work with the brand?

A.) It looked exclusive, original, and the brand design styles are nice. I like to work with brands that best represent me and my lifestyle, I feel that the burghàlie brand does just that.

5. The current collection is a Cruise/Resort, also known as a travel collection. These items are typically worn on vacations. If you could choose one “all expenses paid” travel destination, where would you go and what would you wear?

A.) I would choose to wear the new items that just dropped on an all inclusive cruise in the Caribbean. I’ve never been on a cruise so that’s definitely on my bucket list, and then new Burghàlie drop would match that vibe.

6. What does the ideal vacation look like for you?

A.) My ideal vacation is pretty simple. I love the tropics and being at the beach, so anywhere in warm weather on a nice beach with night life in the city is my ideal vacation. Though, as I continue to travel I have been trying to do different things like hike, sight-see, and visit areas that have a story and some history.

7. Do you have anything you want to say to the people reading your interview?

A.) I would tell anyone who reads this, regardless of the situation you were born into and the pressure you feels, live happily and unapologetically. One thing about being human is that no matter where you come from, we all want to give love, receive love, and be surrounded by it. I personally believe my life is complete as long as, daily, I help someone, take care of my family and loved ones, and am moving in love and pure intent. Love with an open mind and learn to gain knowledge and perspective. Life is only as great as you make it because your dreams are tangible, no matter how big.

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