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Who the Heck Is Ace Volar?

Check out our exclusive interview with musician Ace Volar for the August issue of Burghàlie Magazine.

Tell the world who you are and where you’re from?

a.) I'm a 22 year old musician, rapper, singer, songwriter, and more lol. I go by the name of Ace Volar and I'm born & raised in Tallahassee, Florida.

What made you start rapping? Is this something you’ve always been interested in?

a.) My cousin Dez really got me into music. We used to just be on the computer all day looking at rap videos and shit. One day I bought a webcam and hooked it up to the family computer and got to cooking lol. It all sounded horrible but the more and more I worked at it, I fell in love with it. I've always been interested in music. I wrote my first song in elementary school, recorded my first record in 6th grade and I've been going ever since. Non-stop.

What motivates you to wake up every morning and continue to push your pen?

a.) I wake up everyday grateful and believing that this what I was put on Earth to do. I really love this shit, it's like a competition with myself to see how good I can get; How much emotion can I convert into music. Shit like that. I also grew up with Sickle Cell so it's like, I enjoy overcoming ever obstacle to keep it pushing.

The theme of this magazine issue is "Escape/Departure." When you hear the words "escape" or "departure" what do you think of?

a.) I think of a united feeling. Almost every kid grows up in a town they hate and want to escape. It's that thought of "chasing your dreams" that lives in everyone's head. That's like the main premise of my music; to give people like that hope & make them feel heard through this music shit. Like even if you can't escape your situation, at least I can help you escape for a moment with whatever song is perfect at the time. I always felt like that when I was younger and music is what got me through every tough time I've had.

What exactly does an “escape” mean to you?

a.) An escape to me means breaking free. A lot of shit holds us down in life and it takes us a while to realize that it's something we should escape. Bad habbits, tough situations, and things of that nature are what keep that drive going. It make us want to work for something better.

What is something you’ve had to depart from? Do you regret this? Ultimately, was this a good decision?

a.) Well I'm the founder & CEO of "Twenty20" and I never really departed the label, I just started focusing on my brand more as things started to fall into place. No one really departed the team, but things just kind of died down. I don't regret our run though, we were just kids so all we had was the present in our sights. Being 16 and on the radio, traveling, and shit really ends up being a fun couple of years. I think it was a good decision because it allowed everyone to take their own paths as we all grew up together. We a family forever.

What would you like your fans to know about "departure?" Is this a good or bad thing?

a.) I feel like departure is a good thing. When I see that word I think of leaving negativity behind. Leaving everything behind to start a new journey. Departure has a freeing sound to it. If you ever feel overwhelmed and like you have to do something drastic to be happy, then it's probably time for you to depart and take the time to find you

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